Vermouth Fot-li

Much more than a vermouth

Fot-li is much more than a vermouth; it’s an enthusiastic shout that invites you to dare, to live, to prize and savour your most valuable possession: time. Time flies, Fot-Li. Fot-li Vermouth exists today because we had a dream, the dream of making a truly stirring, thrilling vermouth. That’s how our story began, by daring to seek excellence.

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Vermouth made and bottled in Reus, the cradle of fine vermouth.

Fot-Li is an elegant, full-bodied vermouth that strikes a perfect balance between a sweet grassy aroma and that characteristic bitter kick. We didn’t just want a sweet vermouth; we wanted character and complexity. The 16% alcohol content of Fot-Li gives it a more structured mouthfeel, enhancing its natural merits.

Fot-Li is made and bottled in Reus—where else? The seal on the front of the bottle certifies its origin. Fot-Li is made from white grapes, primarily White Grenache, and macerated for three weeks with aromatic plants and our secret formula, in keeping with tradition. In the mouth you’ll find herbal notes, including the subtle aroma of thyme, reminiscences of hazelnut and gentle hints of vanilla.


Fot-Li Vermouth has grown by leaps and bounds since it was created in 2016. Consumers have fallen in love with our product because they know what they’re drinking. Behind every bottle of Fot-Li, there’s love, dedication and the pursuit of excellence.

The bottle

The Fot-Li bottle tells you there’s something interesting inside—and that’s exactly how we wanted it. A robust, elegant bottle with an exquisitely designed label inspired by the work of the early Catalan Modernists, who were also active in Reus. At the same time, the label recalls Reus’s prominent role in the international hazelnut market with the famous slogan “Reus, París, Londres”. But the most important element, crowning our message, is the winged hourglass reminding us that time flies, and that we must use it wisely by living with enthusiasm.

Vermouth Fot-li fórmula antiga

Aged vermouth

After the success of Fot-li we decided to take another step: develop a reserve vermouth.

Fot-Li Formula Antiga aims to pay homage to the first vermouths from Reus, with more body, complexity and marked aromatic notes.

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