Mirlo Blanco

Stocks and soil, the secret of a solid foundation

Mirlo Blanco means “rare bird”, and this Verdejo wine is indeed one-of-a-kind. It’s a tribute to the grape variety par excellence of the La Seca region. A wine made with passion. The perfect balance between barrel fermentation and freshness, silky texture and tartness. It seems we’ve pulled it off: ladies and gentlemen, meet our rare bird, Mirlo Blanco.

The Vineyard

Mirlo Blanco is made exclusively from Verdejo grapes. The vineyard, located in La Seca, contains old goblet-trained vines between 50 and 70 years old. The vines, planted according to the historic quincunx pattern, are arranged in groups of five, forming an X-shape reminiscent of how the number 5 is represented on a die.

The Soil

The clay loam soil covered with a layer of pebbles is essential for cultivating high-quality grapes. The surface sands (due to the vineyard’s proximity to the river, at 700 metres above sea level) and the continental climate with a strong contrast between day and night imbue the grapes with their intense character.

The Wine-making Process

Half of the wine is fermented in 300-500 litre barrels, and the other half is placed in stainless steel vats where it sits on its fine lees until March, when the two batches are combined. Wood is used to enhance the wine’s body and mouthfeel, not to mask its flavour with woody aromas.


Mirlo Blanco has a luxuriant nose, with a fascinating interplay of plant and citrus aromas.


In the mouth it’s somewhat creamy, liquid and slightly tropical, with a fresh salty tang. New aromas emerge every second, including hints of peach, gooseberry and hay. The finish is bitter and herbal, reflecting the essence of this variety and rounding out a velvety wine, but also fresh, enhanced with bursts of lime and subtle aniseed hints.

Our oenologist

Pilar García is a prestigious oenologist with more than 15 years’ experience making wines in the Rueda region. Pilar oversees the production of Mirlo Blanco, a process in which she gives free rein to her remarkable creativity and all the ideas that her restless mind longed to materialise in wine form.