Ron Alegre XO

The path marked by your history

A genuine, XO (extra old) Dominican Republic rum, Ron Alegre is aged for 10 years in American oak ex-sherry casks. It has a lovely mahogany colour, a harmonious, balanced bouquet with hints of plum eau-de-vie and brandied cherries, white fruit and toasted sugar. In the mouth, it’s refined, smooth and silky. Despite being an old rum, its freshness will soon have you pouring a second glass…

Feel your roots, spread your wings

Ron Alegre is how we perpetuate our passion for a time-honoured profession, something we feel so strongly about that we simply have to share it with the world. Rum has been part of our way of life since 1910, the year our family began making the most famous Cuban rum in Europe. Ever since, we’ve known that this was our destiny.

Today, more than a century later and after many years of hard work, we’re proud to bring you Ron Alegre XO Selección de Familia, made in the Dominican Republic. It’s love at first sniff when the silky, elegant rum hits the nose, powerful yet at once smooth and quintessentially Caribbean. It’s perfect served neat or on the rocks, but when it comes to rum there’s really only one rule: drink it however you like it and in good company.