Vermouth Fot-li Fórmula Antiga

Fot-li Fórmula Antiga

After the success of Fot-li we decided to take another step making a reserve vermouth.
Fot-Li Fórmula Antiga aims to pay homage to the first vermouths of Reus, with more body, complexity and marked aromatic notes.

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The "solera" aging method and 31 botanical components

Fot-Li Fórmula Antiga is made with white grenache base wine and a wine made from raisined soleras grapes that are over forty years old. This blend and its 31 botanical components make our ancient formula a very unique vermouth.

Cocktail making

The market places each product in its place, we elaborated Fot-Li Formula Antiga with the idea that it would be consumed alone or with two large rocks of ice and an orange twist, however well-known cocktail bars have let us know that FFA is a component very interesting for its many aromatic nuances.


El mercado coloca cada producto en su sitio, elaboramos Fot-Li Fórmula Antiga con la idea de que se consumiera sólo o con dos rocas grandes de hielo y un twist de naranja, sin embargo reconocidas coctelerías nos han hecho saber que FFA les resulta un componente muy interesante por sus múltiples matices aromáticos.


Mucho más que un vermut

Fot-li es mucho más que un vermut, es un grito de entusiasmo que te invita a atreverte, a vivir, a aprovechar lo más valioso que tenemos: nuestro tiempo. Tempus fugit, Fot-Li.

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